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The spruce colourful fragrance of flower, shine because of what have sun; Careless green emerald green fungus, because have the breed of the earth; The volitation with free bird, because of what have a sky boundless; And I am more perfect, because have you,love altruisticly only. Glow because of what your world that loves me goes.


It is you gave me to beat, gave me active, the life that makes new comes to the world. In my quack be born that momently, also be the most aching in your lifetime momently, but the happiest smile is being hanged on your face, you remembered that one day forever, it is the part that you deserve to recollect. And I did not give you get one's own back, let you hear the voice that calls you “ woman ” it seems that in cry only, the laugh that your heart comforts.


You see my every act be written down in the eye in the heart. Because I am very ignorant, total love bursts into tears, you always are met nervous and anxious but you are very patient fool me to laugh, make me happy, taking dingdong beat to fool me, still often hum have hypnotic song. When also sleeping with respect to number when I am the quietest of course. sleep sweet when, your ability sit quietly comes down rest by me, for me block midge gives me fan cool, good those who let me sleep is comfortable, I love to sleep soundly most in the bosom in you, be pair of warmth and a kind of love then enjoy. Everyday such, you everyday very tired, but again bitter again tired you never complain, should see I am foolish only foolish smile you smile to me with respect to what can loosen, all unpleasantness and trouble cast beyond the highest heavens, because we just can write a composition quite quickly of Le Le grow, because have us ability is carefree, be brought up healthily.


Gradually I am grown, and the gravity that you change however. When I and child play, can produce brawl occasionally. And you can teach me a lesson always however first, although I am right,you also want me to be mixed to child apology they are friendly get along. Do not take care when me oneself were touched when trip, but you never go,I can cry uprear I, want myself to stand up bravely. When my clerical error when the word, you are more severe the hand that always takes a small rule to hit me, because of my carelessness, corrupt play total meeting to endure bat. I always feel mother ran, I very be fed up with her, but I became wrong.


Now, I left the home to go to school. Lie between a long time to just return the home, come home every time mom is me already ready big cate. Total meeting is playing my hand, the head that touching me looks at me, see me thin not, the contact of every time hand can let me strike mother the hard callosity on that coarse hand. On the face that sees mom again much doubler a few furrow, black hair is sparse also be in whiten, I discover mom became old I was brought up, those who have an insatiable desire for me what play to change is piquant before, careless, obedient, attentive, dependable. At this moment I just understand mom's love is severity. Because her severe love let me master independence, self-improvement, make me perfect.


Mom's love is warm, severity, deep and capacious. What mother runs because of having our scope of operation only is frosty, what because have my world,change only is more wonderful.