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Nose a faint scent, unfamiliar the odour that is familiar with again. Be long-unseen!


One goes getting off on the bookshelf not big, still calculate new album, the swing that takes to the balcony is looking Cape jasmine up and down to be spent on chair. I think, the youth that that gardenia flower cultivates is the youth with grandmother parting! Still have the youth of birthplace Oh.


Turn over album, the first piece is grandmother is holding me what just was born in the arms to stand in Cape jasmine to spend a tree to fall, laugh but happy! The 2nd piece, take in my hand catching flower of a gardenia, small eye is full of greatly interrogative, seem to asking grandmother: Eat to me? The 3rd piece sees I hold a head in arms only, grandmother is laughing so that be no good aside. Listen to mom to say, I say grandmother bluff at that time ’ of ‘ small dragonfly (the day day plait that dot plunges into) want to fly away, I am covering not to let it fly rapidly. The 4th piece of ……


Installed very only music to circulate —— gardenia is spent ah, cape jasmine is spent ah, resemble glittering and translucent spoondrift, bloom the ground of swiftly of heart sea …… in me, a few memory are ghostliness kind of ground is renascent.


Dusk time, grandmother still cultivates popular package of remove theatrical makeup and costume in Cape jasmine flower. I go by, inhale one nose faint scent suddenly, of summer hot and dry also sweep for it. Remember one classmate says flower of her home gardenia is to eat, feel grandmother not to send the Cape jasmine flower on the circle in me in the morning, ask: “ grandmother, had not seen you do Cape jasmine flower to eat how? ” grandmother tiger is worn the face says I am small greedy cat, think even flower to eat.


“ gardenia is spent, so lovely. ”


“ is, cape jasmine is beautiful but good-looking but sweet, affirmation is very delicious. I amuse ” grandmother. “ is cultivated this insufficient still your person eats. ” hands the sweet bag that has held I, bade: “ gives big grandmother twice this, these are a few elder sisters that give 2 grandfather the home, on conveniently take along sth to sb a few fresh, these a few …… knew not? Send come back rapidly. I carry ” on a basket of flowers. What send actually is a flower not merely, “ gardenia is spent ah, cape jasmine is spent ah, it is weak composition weak youth, pure after coming back, I eat pure love ……” went up a Qing Dynasty fries Cape jasmine flower, the flower that just discovers he loves it more falls and lingering fragrance still is put.


Turn over last pieces to album, I also cried lachrymal person. Grandmother skill holds embroider to stretch tight, be like the butterfly that has dance lightly single-handed, wear will be worn. There is of all kinds on the teapoy on the side the silk thread with each qualitative material and the tool —— grandmother that embroidery uses are very few so formal ground is inwrought, in my memory, she uses off-the-peg sweet bag.


“ one one come back this year not? Grandmother has adult gift to send. ”


“ not, want busy study, the university entrance exam is over to come back again ……”


Nevertheless, I went back, it is to see final one side. I am good really regret, after why wanting to say busy study to wait, good regret to let grandmother listen to me to say not to go back to be celebrated to her unripe. But, had promised me in one's childhood obviously, should wait for me to be brought up take her to go big city lives better life. Why to want break an appointment, grandmother is good be fed up with!


Regain birthplace, change is very big really, the muddy alley previously did not have shadow already. Grove seems to become little, the gardenia that the one place in be being remembered anyway does not tell master home spends a tree people estimation by wide highway deep make friends enters underground. Old house is done not have however too about-face, push heavy wooden door. Midsummer, cape jasmine flower should leave most when filling, that tree also lost lease of life. Do you also know grandmother is not accompanying her? Obviously before the …… that the flower that still using it gives me to make sweet bag


I touch broadened Cape jasmine flower, the flower is sweet as before, still be in like grandmother in that way. I know, I am clear, some people look be like had gone far, never leave truly actually.


I ever also had made a dream: Dream of birthplace or the birthplace when, when I come home, grandmother already embroider became good sweet bursa, wish me birthday is happy 18 years old. The flower leaves very beautifully, I picked to fasten the …… on grandmother dress