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The Yu Hui of a bundle of warm yellow strokes desk of submit a written statement to a higher authority, on the sky that afterglow bespreads outside the window, flyer flies to far, setting sun Xiang Qunshan falls. I am looking abstractedly, a paragraph of days spreads out in the head slowly...


At the door small courtyard, the leaf that the setting sun folds through cascade of layer of old pagoda tree is the Phnom Penh on grandfather plating. Grandfather author, light cigarette, smoke points to brownly from him diffuse to come, choke just must cough to me before his bosom rise. See me, press cigarette for nothing outside destroy. I with a chirp remove the bagatelle that only child child cares like spadger, grandfather often agrees a few times, now and then laugh. I become aware suddenly he too too dull, whats do not know, then hold tight hold tight his ear, drag the mustache that drags him, he also not angry, poke my not law-abiding hand, extend limit of finger Xiang Tian -- , the sun falls already, argent bright moon takes path those who get brilliant. "The child, want to become a person like the moon later. Give oneself night, enlighten the road of nocturnal pedestrian, understand? " I am understood not, feel grandfather temperament is good only to mysterious, also do not get angry so. A few days ago grandmother talks about his give up not to drop smoke, disrelish him to quarrel with neighbour easily again, it is to deceiving people certainly. After all, grandfather this old man, seem to be able to laugh only.


Grandfather a place of strategic importance gives me a few candy, the hoe on the back prepares to go in the ground. Saying is can dirty clothes, grandfather does not let me go together, I often follow secretly. Countless night, halcyon country on alley, hold up of warm cool late wind has my hair, bug calls cicada to cry play music, the moon between the cloud drapes hazy gauze to everythings on earth, spin the shadow of grandfather to the side of me again. I am skipping gladly, complacent did not know me once at grandfather outside, arrived the meaning that Tian Bian was forced to arrange me.


But this action won'ted do it seems that. The extensive in air has wet taste, pluvial silk waved closely. Fair grandmother of eye regard sb as an outsider two umbrellas go off with, I return my room depressedly, the picture before makes my Jing lived however -- on the bed shipshape the raincoat that folding a pink...


How can he know, his whats know.


Had answered a god to come, the bright moon rises already outside the window, dimly with memory that round of medium coincide, the force that seems the instruction that is grandfather to use love spans the endless flow of time, enlighten gently I, make I am able to discover the old practice that hides in days, discover that vast native land that hides in the bottom of the heart, my body feeds by it, same take root is in my soul above it. Childhood leaves everything of my this ordinary clinking however massiness, can be the Gan Quan of my life.


I can remember the time that sunset month rises forever, remember that silent and clement back, write down so that wind has blown gently in those days, set his mind at below my in grandfather shelter in bright and clear moon forward, the foot leaves the way that is lifetime.