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Gorky once had said, “ book ” is a flight of stairs that the mankind progresses, really, read a good book, as be in with wisdom person talk, let a person be like Mu Chunfeng, there is endless knowledge everywhere in the book.


Mention good book, can't help remembering one of 4 big famous book in my brain " Shui Hu is passed " .


" Shui Hu is passed " , author Shi Naian, the chapter that this is uprise of farmer of ancient time of a depict answers body novel, racily depict be on early or late by oppressor the process of rebellious road, eulogized their mutinous spirit and just action. 108 brave man were told about to get together in article berth of justice bridge hill, to suffer imperial court offer amnesty and enlistment to rebels, arrive to defeat distant army greatly again, the story that dies by Lilliputian calculate finally.


Among them, the heroic person that makes my impression the deepest is Lu Jun of Yu Qilin — justice, lu Jun justice is poised and graceful, military accomplishment excel in, person “ Heibei 3 absolutely ” . If Wang Wang approves " Shui Hu passes " say: “ Lu Jun justice ought not to blessing is not enjoyed, military accomplishment excel in, division of renown shake Beijing, why to go up even does hill go doing robber? ” but the commendable place of Lu Jun justice also absolutely, it is good with respect to a suit that he drills competence, it is only render service to repay kindness the motherland, the fight the enemy that it is a country, although he is “ of a nonofficeholding only member outside ” , but however “ low dare not forget care country ” , always caring national rise and fall, this can be to used real operation what to explain to call “ country rise and fall really, ordinary man has duty ” .


But Lu Jun justice also is misfortune, although his of one mind wants to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland, cannot get the put sb in a very important position of the imperial court tardy however, the domestic trouble and foreign invasion of dynasty of the Song Dynasty at that time, northward distant country inspects Dan Dan to Song Chaohu all the time, dynasty of composition of the Song Dynasty weighs Wen Qingwu, bring about the corrupt official on the imperial court everywhere, the country accumulates deficient accumulating to lose. In this kind of decayed environment, be the upright that absolutely look must not resemble Lu Jun justice having genuine talent so person, a body having clean that Lu Jun justice accomplishs from clean just, soon oneself country gradually feeble, and oneself cannot be in again the ambitious ambition toward him put to good use in the court of a feudal ruler, was forced go up by Song Jiang and Wu Yong finally Liang Shan. Somebody can evaluate: Song Jiang and Wu Yong also are eventful, why to want to go to good person be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels doing robber, the most abominable is the hill on kylin earning jade. It is right that little imagine Shi Naian writes Song Jiang and Wu Yong to earn the hill on Yu Qilin Song Wangchao is corrupt at that time of the system do one's utmost acid.


Finally, the imperial court is afraid that the troops since Lu Jun justice is rebel, envenom killed Lu Jun justice. Read the experience of Lu Jun justice, I sympathize with to he is experienced sadly and feel not only, regretful.


From of old, our China also has a lot of such clean bodies are only from clean, of one mind render service to repay kindness the hero of the motherland: Wen Tianxiang is inexorable below the enemy's torment, left “ life since ancient times who is had dead, keep the lofty ideal of character of a person of extraordinary powers of ” of historical records of understand without being told extraction pellet or powder; Lu Xun abandons medical service from civil, take lever of the first stroke of a Chinese character and fight of murky situation master piece, ” of mood of nation of the “ that be called; Qian Xuesen forgoes premium of high specified number, overcome a variety of difficulty to return the motherland, it is the atom bomb enterprise that studies the motherland only. They are the heroes with famous motherland.


Read this book, I burn with righteous indignation all over, we also should learn to them, right choice is made when facing difficulty and temptation, like doing to resemble them, render service to repay kindness the hero of the motherland.